Classroom Peek Week of 5/13-5/17

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Room used recycled milk cartons to make bird feeders after reading, The Bird Nest, by P.D. Eastman.

  • Green Room used recyclable materials, aluminum foil, and bright colored paints to make their own DIY aliens and flying saucers.

  • Kindergarten spent time outside planting new seeds in the garden planters as part of their year long gardening project.

  • 2nd Grade did a biology lesson on mealworm larvae, and each student got their own mealworm in a sealed cup, poking holes in the top to allow oxygen to flow through and filling the cup with carrot and potato slices to nibble on.

  • 5th Grade spent time outside of the classroom tie dying shirts as part of a Science lesson on physical and chemical change. Students also made illustrated mind maps about the things they can't live their lives without to help with the organization of positive thoughts and ideas.