Educational Philosophy


We believe in you. We believe that every human being comes into the world as a whole person, and that the whole person deserves the chance to thrive. As a Country School student, you will have your own plan, one crafted to give you all the tools you need to be your best self. In preschool, you will have an emergent curriculum, which means your teachers will pay close attention to your interests and tailor instruction to suit them. We will help you discover the world, learn about yourself, and make friends that last a lifetime.


We believe in you. In kindergarten through fourth grade, you will have exciting, busy school days full of opportunities for hands-on, immersive learning on your own and with your friends. You will learn what it means to be at a progressive school. You will have textbooks and tests, but the way you learn will be through all your senses, getting your hands dirty and asking lots of questions. You will learn to work independently and as part of a team. You will learn about empathy and why it’s so important in your relationships. And best of all, your afternoons will be homework free, so you can run and play and explore.


We believe in you. In fifth grade, you will begin the transition to middle school by incorporating homework in the second half of the year, but don’t worry, we will pay close attention to your assignments, giving you only the work you need to enhance your studies. As you move through middle school, your homework assignments will grow gradually, so that you are fully prepared for high school. We will challenge you, giving you the room you need to struggle and make mistakes, but we will be here to catch you and help you find your next success.


We believe in you. As a parent of a Country School child, you are a partner and a collaborator. Our doors, our ears and our minds are always open, ready for your participation and ideas. We believe you are an integral part of the fabric of our community, and that your relationship with your child is enhanced by your engagement on campus. We understand that you are the first experts on your child and that your input is vital in crafting the right plan.


We believe in children and parents. We believe in exploration and innovation. We believe in communication and ideas. We believe in taking risks and making mistakes. We believe in friendship and community. We believe in education as the foundation of growing global citizens who face the world with kindness, creativity, compassion and enthusiasm.