At TCS We Meditate 


All TCS children participate in daily meditation. Whether it’s our preschoolers doing “Blow Up the Balloon,” elementary children taking the time to meditate after recess to help their bodies transition back into the academic day, or middle school students taking a few minutes to meditate before a test, we recognize the many ways that meditation can be beneficial throughout the school day. 

Reflecting on the years since we first  implemented the daily practice of meditation we have been astounded by the positive effect it has had for everyone, both children and teachers. According to Alice Walton, medicine, psychology, and neuroscience contributor for Forbes magazine, regular meditation has a staggering array of benefits for children, including:      

  • Increased attention

  • Increased attendance in school

  • Higher grades

  • A reprieve from outside trauma

  • Better mental health

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased self-regulation

  • Social-emotional development

We can attest to these benefits and can add that our children love it! Here are some of the resources that we have found to be useful in our classrooms. We encourage you to explore these apps in order to integrate this philosophy into your daily routine.

meditation resources

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