Classroom Peek Week of 5/20-5/24

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons are happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • The Blue Room has been studying eggs and hatches from inside of them by creating their own diy eggs filled with glitter and other craft materials.

  • 1st Grade completed book reports on the classic Mr. and Little Miss series books during an English lesson. Each student had to choose the book that they felt best described their own personality.

  • 2nd Grade visited the Braille Institute where they teach visually impaired people how to live independently as a component to their reading of Helen Keller's biography. They learned how important their sense of touch becomes in the absence of sight, and they practiced walking with a cane, dancing, reading Braille books, and they each got to pick a clay animal made by visually impaired artists.

  • 3rd Grade practiced putting sentences in order according to the Jane Schaffer writing process during an English lesson, then students used different colors to code the sentences.

  • 8th Grade students paired in groups and used craft materials to make miniature sustainable houses that were able to retain heat, then the houses were left in direct sunlight with thermometers to track the outside temperature. After a while students used the thermometers to check the temperature of their house interiors to measure how well their materials worked.