the logic behind
the tcs logo

Behind the elegant curves and beautiful bloom of our TCS logo is some serious science: the Fibonacci Sequence. This predictable pattern recurs almost everywhere in the natural world and has alternately been called the "Golden Spiral" for its aesthetically pleasing regularity and balance. 


You see the Golden Spiral in your thumbprint, in your DNA, in the pattern of the seeds of a sunflower. It is in the beautiful arcs of the chambered nautilus and the spiral galaxy. We've chosen this symbol because it represents so many of the characteristics that set the Country School apart. It grows exponentially, as our children do as they progress from grade to grade, and it is a metaphor for seeing the future as ever bigger, ever brighter.


The sequence has the solid predictability of mathematics, the varied applications of science, the beautiful proportions of art, and the organic interconnectedness of community. Its scientific foundation represents all the best parts of traditional academics, and yet the fact that science continues to find new and innovative ways to use it speaks to our progressive stance that looks for opportunity around every corner.

As Sir Ken Robinson has said of us, The Country School is getting it right in terms of incorporating creativity in the classroom, and we encourage the kind of adaptive and inventive problem solving that the careers of the 21st century will demand.