Classroom Peek Week of 1/7-1/11

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • 3/4 welcomed Vanessa back in the classroom! She will be co-teaching the 3/4 combo with Gus, and sharing Principal duties with Holly. This week, they studied sound and did two experiments: one that had many variables which produced a variety of results (which they discussed and wrote about), and one with fewer variables, which produced more consistent results. First was outside in the meadow, students had to whisper at the same volume while stepping back from each other until they couldn't hear the message anymore, then they recorded the distance. The second experiment took place inside, using two cups and string to show how sound travels. 

  • Preschool's theme of the week was Winter! All classes were immersed in Winter themed play, arts and crafts, and activities. Blue Room made fake snow and had a snowy scavenger hunt during sensory time. Green Room used different colored dyes on craft paper to make wintery snowflakes. Yellow Room used pastel chalks on blue construction paper to create winter scenes based on their reading of William Shakespeare's Winter Song.

  • In Art, students learned about Brazilian artist Romero Britto and created their own works using black line animal and flower shapes on white paper and bright colored paints. 

  • Kindergarten began practicing writing in their journals without tracing the letters during a language lesson.

  • 1st Grade constructed shapes of fish in ascending numbers from 1-10 during a Math lesson on ordinal numbers.

  • 2/3 used scissors and white craft paper to cut their own snowflake designs based on their reading of Snowflake Bentley, a true story about a Vermont scientist who photographed and studied snowflakes.

  • 6th Grade shared some outdoor time with the Kindergarten class and devised a fun relay race game on the Dream Court.