Classroom Peek Week of 9/23-9/27

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Red Roomers studied rocks this week. They made rock collages, participated in an outdoor rock/fossil expedition, and created "geodes" with playdough and jewels. They also observed a volcano "explosion" of vinegar and baking soda to learn about how lava rocks are formed.

  • Yellow Room students studied Fall, and went on a nature walk to discover the changes in the season and weather. They read Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and created their own leaf art to celebrate!

  • First and Fifth Grade buddies interviewed one another, and completed a questionnaire about each other, and then introduced their new buddy to the class.

  • Second Graders wrote letters to their friends, and worked out double digit math on our dry-erase tablets.

  • Seventh Grade Math students studied tesselations in nature, art, and architecture and used ratios to create their own tesselations in class.