Classroom Peek Week of 9/16-9/20

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Room is continuing to learn about the 5 senses, focusing on the Sense of Touch this week. They explored using fingerpaints, pasta, and Floam!

  • First Grade worked on handwriting and jumping into their reading and math curriculum. They started addition sentences in Math. They also had their first math and spelling tests this Friday!

  • Second graders were exposed to the parts of a friendly letter and created their own personal letters to teacher Linda, who was the first Friend of the Week. The students learned about her passion for flowers. They especially enjoyed seeing this passion come to life in both her sewing and second grade artwork! The budding artists artists created their own beautiful flower bookmarks and enjoyed some delicious potato latkes as a culmination of this extremely fun week.

  • The Fourth Grade students participated in a review of end punctuation in grammar, through a hands on experience.

  • Sixth Grade Scientist shave been in the Lab, using various methodologies to identify liquids via their properties. They have tested pH levels through , flame, and determined whether these compounds were miscible in water, miscible in ethanol, contains water, were corrosive, or toxic!

  • Eight Grade created "I Am From" poems in English, writing about themselves in the various styles they have learned in class!