Classroom Peek Week of 2/4-2/8

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Red Room dipped their hands in paint to create a friendship banner to hang in the classroom in honor of Valentine’s Day.

  • Green Room decorated pink bags with hearts and pipe cleaner arms to create a love chain of friends holding hands.

  • Yellow Room enjoyed a slice of Venetian life courtesy of their “Friend of the Week”, Zoe and her mom, Manuela. Students enjoyed Italian stories and used beads and colorful feathers to decorate Venetian Carnival masks.

  • 1st Grade ended their lesson on maps by stepping out of the classroom to enjoy a scavenger hunt around campus based on their newfound directional knowledge.

  • 2/3 used paper bags and fun prizes to play an adjective guessing game during a Reading lesson. Students had to read the adjectives printed on the bag, then guess the prize inside to win. 

  • 3/4 studied haikus this week and crafted their own love-themed haikus on decorative hearts. Students also decorated lanterns in honor of the Chinese New Year.

  • 5th Grade used construction paper and their vivid imaginations to craft visual alliterations during an English lesson. In honor of the Chinese New Year students made red envelopes based on their reading of Sam and the Lucky Money by Karen Chin.

  • 7th Grade flexed their knowledge of integers and exponents during a game of jeopardy in Math class.

  • Art classes have been learning about African-American artists during Black History Month, and this week students collaborated on a giant mixed media collage using fabrics, colorful tissue paper, yarn, and other materials based on pieces by contemporary mixed media artist Della Wells.