Classroom Peek Week of 11/5-11/9

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Green Room used folded paper plates, felt, and paper scraps to make their own taco art and trees based on their reading of Dragons Love Tacosand Dragons Love Tacos 2. Students then set up their own taco cart during dramatic play and took turns preparing and serving tacos to each other.

  • Yellow Room had fun with a camp theme during share day and enjoyed a story by pretend firelight in makeshift mini-forts. Students also got to enjoy camp treats, such as s'mores and little rolled up sandwiches that resembled sleeping bags.

  • Kindergarten had a special guest reader in the library (Holly!), continued their lesson on shapes by testing their knowledge during a shape scavenger hunt. They also learned about owls and made their own owl interpretative art projects.

  • 1st Grade finished their Science lessons on rocks by reading the classic storybook, Stone Soup, then students brought in different ingredients to prepare their own stone soup in class. They also learned about the Scientific Method and used pennies in vinegar solution to make their own hypotheses about their penny's outcome.

  • 2nd Grade started their Reach Leadership Program by introducing their class mascot, the giraffe. Based on a reading about the giraffe's leadership qualities, students made their own drawings and chose 4 of the 8 qualities to include on its long neck along with 1 quality of their own.

  • 3/4 Combo learned about the skeletal system in Science and used tracings of their hands in crayon brushed with olive oil to create a luminous x-ray effect once placed against the window.

  • 5th Grade crafted Art projects of their heads with ideas falling from them and a written component inspired by their reading of What Do You Do With An Idea?

  • 6th Grade is working with Rocks and Minerals, designing their own lab to identify unknown minerals, calcite and quartz, with written Title, Purpose, and Procedure sections. They also created a Data Table at the end of the document, then printed out each lab to run tests using the procedures they created.

  • 7th Grade began their exploration of Medieval West African societies by learning the geography of Africa, the make up of village life, and the importance and hardships of trade. Students ended the week by using their knowledge to become African gold merchants and salt traders to get the best deal in a trade simulation.

  • 8th grade studied inequalities and how this concept can help plan for a fundraising event and determining how to reach a goal in Math class.