Classroom Peek Week of 10/8-10/12

Take a peek at the vibrant lessons that were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

Inside this issue:

  • Blue Room practiced sharing and pouring while snacking on fresh orange slices, crackers with jam, and juice during a Farmer's Market activity with the Red and Yellow rooms. 

  • Green Room started a lesson on emotions, and in addition to enjoying storybooks about the different types of feelings, students crafted their own paper dolls with corresponding facial emotions to show what emotions they were each feeling at the moment.

  • Yellow Room centered lessons around their word of the week "Pumpkin", and students made their own edible pumpkin play dough and took turns learning how to trace the letters in the word.

  • Kindergarten enjoyed an outdoor Math lesson using chalk 10-squares and hopscotch to practice counting and numeric patterns.

  • 1st Grade also took their lesson outside for an "All About..." fortune teller buddy assignment with the 3/4 Combo class.

  • 2/3 Combo studied bat facts and crafted their own bat art projects after reading Stella Luna, a story about a young bat who finally finds her way home to her mother and friends.

  • 3/4 Combo used miniature sponges, leaf stamps, and brushes to create colorful Fall-themed paintings of trees.

  • 5th Grade integrated Halloween into their lesson on compound words by crafting spooky bats with two Halloween-themed words combined into one compound word.

  • Middle School History class smashed chalk with cooking oil to create their own paints, then used sticks and their fingers to recreate cave drawings from the caveman era.

  • Middle School Science built their own miniature carts and used yard sticks to measure speed and the effect of release height during a lab.

  • Middle School English continued to read Fairy Tales, as well as work on developing their own stories, while the Latin Class worked on conjugating verbs.