Preschool benchmarks

Language Arts

What we do

  • Pre-reading and writing skills

  • Pattern recognition

  • Phonemic awareness and beginning understanding of sound-symbol correspondence

  • Early identification (and writing) of the letters of the alphabet

How we do it

Students experience learning through interaction with books and stories, and listening and speaking in small groups and one-on-one. They begin to identify and write the letters of the alphabet.


What we do

  • Explore counting, order and numerical relations

  • Gain experience with one-to-one correspondence

  • Measurement and pattern recognition

  • Estimate, match pairs, sort and classify

  • Use pictures and symbols to represent data

  • Develop a sense of quantity or amount and understanding of the relationship of part to whole

How we do it

  • Students problem-solve across all areas of the curriculum. They learn through concrete, hands-on experiences, and are able to practice counting and following directions or activities in a sequence (e.g. following a recipe).