Art Curriculum


The Art Studio at The Country School is a creative space designed to encourage every student to build confidence in their ability to create. Our philosophy is that there is an artist in all of us and we are here to express ourselves through our art. 


From preschool through 8th grade, the curriculum is designed so that each project gives the students a set of directives from which they are given the freedom to interpret. When asked if they have permission to take the assignment in a certain direction, you’ll often hear the teacher respond to the student, “That’s a great question. I wonder what you’ll decide!” It’s the teacher’s job to inspire and direct the class, but the student is the artist. With guidance, they solve problems and make decisions along their own individual journey.

Through a technique known as Non-Judgemental Critiques, students learn how to talk about the artwork in a way that encourages each artist to feel comfortable about their own work among their peers. In The Art Studio here at TCS, we celebrate the artist in every child.