Technology Curriculum


Our technology curriculum consists of hands-on computer skills instruction and opportunities for students to practice and apply these skills in relevant activity-based projects. Students learn through theme-based curricular units that are developmentally appropriate and promote analytical problem solving and creativity. Technology objectives meet or exceed the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards and integration of grade-level classroom objectives is ongoing.

Academic themes in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are incorporated into skill development in applied technology, desktop publishing, graphics, multimedia, operating systems, spreadsheets, telecommunications and word processing. Sample projects include using desktop publishing to design a brochure for a new wildlife preserve and developing research and spreadsheet skills by performing mathematical operations and creating various charts to show the environmental needs of the animals at the preserve. Whether the students are creating a multimedia presentation highlighting technology achievements through time or learning new graphics skills by creating dazzling weather maps for a weather station, self-expression and collaboration are central to their experience.

In addition to teaching computer mastery skills, keyboarding development continues through each grade level in elementary school and technology enrichment elective classes are available to students from third grade through middle school. The elective class gives students an opportunity to expand their interests in areas such as programming, movie making, Photoshop and the school yearbook.