Music Curriculum

The Music program at TCS is a vehicle for developing creative thinking, social skills, active listening, self-awareness and discovering strengths.



Preschool students explore music through stories, rhythm and movement. Music class is fun, relaxed and playful while providing opportunities to gain vocal and rhythmic awareness; follow directions and to develop listening skills. Dance and movement is incorporated to further develop gross motor skills and an awareness of their bodies in space and in relationship to others. Rhythm instruments and a good old-fashioned game of freeze dance always add to the excitement in music class!

Elementary School

The Elementary Choral program is based on synergy and creativity. Students sing, play musical instruments and learn performance practice in a safe and inviting environment. The term ends with a performance of songs and instrumental music rehearsed in class. Among topics covered in class are music history, music theory, songwriting, sight reading, performance etiquette, self-confidence and ear training.

This unique class is geared toward developing creative thinking, critical thinking, social skills, active listening, self-awareness and discovering strengths. Our goal is for students to leave the class with a well-rounded musical education.

To further enrich our music program, students in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to take music as an elective course.

Middle School


Our Middle School students continue with the Choral program, which increases in complexity of content and skills. In addition, the Middle School Strings program gives students an opportunity to learn more about classical and folk music with an emphasis on reading music. Students develop their active listening skills and learn how to play in sync with other musicians. Students play a varied and eclectic repertoire and have a performance at the end of each semester.