Technology, Media and Social Media


Beginning in primary grades, we encourage parents and students to be aware of, and discuss, responsible and safe use of media and technology. Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for researching media and technology guidelines ( 

For all TCS students, the values set at The Country School also apply online, both on campus and off.  Computers and devices must never be used to post or send offensive or insulting comments, threaten, demean, or harass others, regardless of intent.

Laptops (Grades 5-8 only)

Students in grades 5-8 use their own laptops during class time. We ask students to use Chromebooks but if they wish to use other laptops, such as MacBooks, all messaging and chat functions must be disabled.

Social Media and Messaging

While TCS students are not allowed to use social media at school, we know that personal use of it outside of school can impact the social and emotional environment at school. Therefore, we ask parents and students to be mindful of the following information:

  • In order to be in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), children under the age of 13 should only be participating on social media with verifiable parental consent. If you have given your child permission to use social media, this participation is a choice that brings along great responsibility for maintaining safety and civility at all times.

  • If a child is using social media we consider it to be the responsibility of parents to monitor the child’s social media footprint and not the responsibility of the school. Online comments are a reflection not only of a child and their family, but also of the school. It is strongly recommended that students have at least one parent added as a friend on all social media platforms and privacy settings be set accordingly so that individuals not known to a child and/or family cannot access, comment on, or forward what a child has posted. 

We also ask parents to be aware of messaging capabilities in online gaming and apps. Gaming is a type of social network and often has a chat function enabling users to interact with one another. Depending on the privacy settings chosen, gamers can be contacted by people they may or may not know.