No Cell Phones at TCS

We believe in creating opportunities for our students to practice communication skills with one another and their teachers. Learning the skills of conversation, such as looking someone in the eye when speaking to them, navigating challenging social situations, and being present with peers, are essential skills that all young adults must develop. Technology can enrich the educational experience and provide opportunities for innovation, but it should never come at the expense of developing these social skills.

We have a no cell phone and smart device policy for all students here at The Country School. If a family chooses to send their child to school with an electronic handheld device (other than an approved school laptop), students are required to check it in to the Main Office prior to the start of the school day. This includes cell phones, smart watches, tablets and any other smart devices. Students may pick up their device when they go home, whether that is the end of the school day or the end of extended care. 

If during the course of the day a student needs to reach a parent, or if a parent needs to reach their child, any communication must be done through the main office. This same policy is in place when attending any school related activity or field trip. Cell phones may only be used on campus for educational purposes with the expressed permission of a teacher. Students will be notified in advance if there will be an activity that will require cell phone usage.