Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon!

Our teachers and staff members are so grateful for the outpouring of love and appreciation from our students and families this past week! From coffee carts, breakfast and lunch buffets, afternoon treats, and gift boxes we would like to thank everyone for their time, effort, and thoughtfulness...we are so appreciative of our TCS community!

Classroom Peek Week of 5/6-5/10

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Room spent the week learning about the different modes of transportation, and talked about how monorails use magnets in order to move by using a magnet stick and magnet cars to explore the scientific concepts of force and motion. Students also created their own paper monorails and a monorail station where we picked up toy "people". They also used a pulley system to play with a pretend hot air balloon by carrying toy passengers up and down.

  • Yellow Room visited the Art Studio to contribute work to a mural for their upcoming Week of the Young Child celebrations.

  • Kindergarten enjoyed a rainy day inside playing classic board games and journal writing in their pajamas!

  • 1st Grade took their Grass Heads from Open House to the TCS salon for a haircut and style.

  • 3rd Grade spent time outside mixing food coloring, water, and corn starch to make oobleck after reading the Dr. Seuss classic, Bartholomew and the Oobleck.

  • 6th Grade History students invited TCS classes and faculty to visit their Egyptian Wax Museum installation to show what they have been learning in this semester's unit on Ancient Egypt. Each student dressed as the Ancient Egyptian figure of their choice and delighted museum goers with by coming alive to share historical figures about their character. Students also used play doh, chalk, paint, and styrofoam to make their own pyramids.

Classroom Peek Week of 4/22-4/26

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Yellow Room students enjoyed a story time picnic reading of Dinosaur Bob, written by William Joyce and read by their Friend of the Week's, Jaxson Littlejohn's special guest, Uncle Dino.

  • 3rd Graders spent time practice testing for the upcoming ERB tests and students shared their Landmark Projects with the class.

  • 4th-8th Graders spent time off campus this week to participate in Field Day at the Berkeley Hall Track and Field event. 

  • MS English students traveled off campus to meet Veera Hiranandani, the author of The Night Diary.

  • MS Science students traveled off campus to CSUN for a field trip.to visit the labs of Professor Crystal Rogers. Her research topics relate to our recent molecular biology labs, in which our eighth graders manipulated DNA to make Mutant Bacteria.

Classroom Peek Week of 4/8-4/12

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week.

In this issue:

  • Yellow Room has been hard at work on a class newsletter project, The Yellow Room Times, complete with special news, updates, and curated articles on a plethora of topics such as fashion, food, and the weather.

  • Kindergarten took their Math lesson outside on their playground and used chalk to practice subtraction concepts.

  • 1st Grade is deep into their Science lesson on Plants, and students spent time outside gathering types of soil to study their differences and to see how they react to different sounds. 

  • 2nd Grade learned about sides, corners, line of symmetry, and congruent parts during a Math lesson about plane shapes. Students used the dry erase desks to practice drawing the different shapes they encountered.

  • 6th Grade Science students are hard at work on their North American climate maps, moving through workstations to help each other complete each zone of the map.

  • Middle School students enjoyed a Field Trip to see classic art and culture at the Getty Villa in Malibu.

5th Grade Visits Pali Camp!

This week our 5th grade students embarked on an outdoor bonding experience at Pali Camp in Lake Arrowhead for 3 days and 2 nights. They participated in an outdoor education program along with classes in a Science lab and team building activities. The experience promoted independence and leadership skills. Click here for a fun photo gallery from the week!

Classroom Peek Week of 3/18-3/22

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week.

In this issue:

  • Preschool students celebrated Flash the Tortoise's return from hibernation with a fun outdoor party complete with tortoise-themed cookies and hibiscus flowers.

  • Kindergarten continued studying math facts and addition, in preparation for learning subtraction after Spring Break.

  •  2nd Grade students read a biography about Helen Keller then created timelines including summaries their favorite parts of each chapter complete with pictures during an English lesson.

  • 5th Grade went to Pali Camp.

  • 6th Grade used oranges, salt, and gauze wraps to replicate the mummification process during a History lesson. 

  • 7th Grade Science designed an experiment to see whether fine-grained powder burns faster than coarse-grained powder to illustrate that the size of cells is related to the needs of cellular respiration and the effect of particle size on chemical reactions.

Classroom Peek Week of 3/11-3/15

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week.

In this issue:

  • Red Roomers created butterflies using the dot art technique and pipe cleaners in honor of the warm and sunny Spring weather. At the Math center, the children focused on counting and patterns using the unifix cubes. 

  • Green Room transformed into Superheros this week, using recyclable materials, paint, and other decorations to create their own shields, cuffs, and superhero cars. They ended a super fun filled week by dressing up in their favorite superhero costumes for a superhero party!

  • Yellow room celebrated this week's dawning of the butterflies by using colorful paint to decorate their own butterfly projects to be displayed on their craft tree in their classroom.

  • 1st Grade integrated Math and Acience by completing symmetrical flowers. Each student picked a picture of a half flower and matched the other side. In Tech class students divided into teams of two to create a Lego Candy Dispenser. First they had to build a basket for the candy, integrate a trap door to release the candy, and finally a dispenser door to collect the candy. students were engaged in bringing their candy machines to life!

  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders ventured off campus to take in History and nature during a visit to The Autry Museum.

Friday 15!

Friday's are always special here at TCS, and today was pretty special because the Charlie and Henry Wehrenberg took over as the Head of School for the day! The boys switched teachers schedules around, made students happy by extending recess, we all celebrated student and staff birthdays, and ending the morning with our dance party ritual once again led by our Kinder friends, Dylan and Suli. Wishing you all a restful and safe weekend!

Friday 15!

Friday's are always special here at TCS, and today we came together to preview class baskets to be auctioned off at next week's Gala, we celebrated birthdays, and capped off the morning with a dance party led by our Kinder friends, Suli and Dylan. Wishing you all a safe and restful weekend!

Classroom Week of 3/4-3/8

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Green Room was immersed in a lesson about color this week, and spent time mixing colors to see what new color combinations they could create. Students also celebrated the lively carnival tradition of Mardi Gras by decorating carnival masks with colorful beads and feathers.

  • Kindergarten students worked in groups to create Lego boats that could float on water for 10 seconds in Tech class. 

  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade students embarked on an exciting field trip to see a live play of Roald Dahl's classic book, James and the Giant Peach performed by the Nine O'Clock Players at the Association League of Los Angeles Theater for Children in Hollywood.

  • 1st Grade students explored solid figures and plain shapes during a Math lesson.

  • 4th Grade students were hard at work using craft materials to build small scale structures of the San Fernando Mission during a History lesson.

  • 6th Grade Math students blended culture with numerical concepts in Math class by sharing a family recipe and scaling it up and down based on different Mathematical proportions. 

  • MS Science classes used distribution tubes and electrophoresis boxes to study DNA samples during an AP Biology lab. 

  • Students spent some time outside during their Enrichment classes on Friday afternoon tending to the soil and planting new seeds in the garden planters during Gardening and using iPads with DIY body mounts to play a human Minecraft game in Tech.

Classroom Peek Week of 2/25-3/1

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening inside of TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Red Room made fun crowns and used paint and recyclable paper towel rolls to craft fun red and white striped decorations in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday! They also enjoyed a week of sensory play, using the great weather to their advantage to explore the different textures around campus.

  • Blue Room turned their classroom into a construction zone during a lesson on buildings and construction this week, and took a campus field trip to observe contractors as they added cement to the outside of our Art room. Students collected some cement to take back to their classroom, and used it to build their own patio extension onto their dollhouse.

  • Kindergarten celebrated the 100 days of school by decorating t-shirts with 100 fun craft items. They also used cereal to craft colorful, edible necklaces.

  • 2nd Grade students celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by choosing their favorite storybook by the author and writing book reports.

  • 4th Grade celebrated Dr. Seuss in Art class by recreating the classic truffula tree scenes from his classic storybook, The Lorax, using pastel crayons and watercolors.

  • 5th Grade practiced their use of proverbs and adages by choosing a popular saying, writing it in the correct proverbial  form then drawing pictures to support their statements during an English Lesson. Students also did reports about the meaning behind their names based on an article they read about actress, Uzo Aduba, and her struggles with accepting her unique name.

Read Across America: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

In honor of beloved author Dr. Seuss’ birthday, our TCS community came together to celebrate with readings, activities, and cake! Thank you to all of our faculty, staff, and parents who volunteered to read Dr. Seuss’ classic storybooks to our students.