Dear TCS Family,

I have been listening to our students, teachers, and parents in the months since November’s election, and it has become clear that there are many questions about the future of our country and our world. We have seen examples on both sides of the political aisle of tremendous patriotism, kindness, and compassion, and we have also seen instances of behavior motivated by fear and uncertainty. Your children are witnessing an important moment in our country’s history and are wondering what it all means.

The Country School will always be here for your children, upholding our decades-long commitment to celebrating the value of every single person who sets foot on our campus. So much of what our country was founded on is central to what we do here: the value of the democratic process, the right to freedom of expression, the guarantee of personal liberty, and the promise that we can rise to our potential. Our goal is to model both the privileges and the obligations of being citizens. We speak our minds and work hard to improve our minds, and we also actively care for each other, looking for opportunities to make the world a better place.

Your child has a voice here, and that voice will be heard and celebrated. Academic inquiry and imaginative exploration are the keys to both personal and societal progress, and the Country School is a safe place to practice asking important questions and to receive support in finding the answers. We understand that each of us carves a unique path for ourselves in the world, and our job is to provide as many tools and as much encouragement as we can as your children shape themselves.

This place also reflects the larger world, where your children will see people like themselves and many who are different. We practice cooperative learning and respectful debate, so that we all can feel comfortable and confident in our beliefs, perspectives, and traditions, even when others disagree with us. Our differences are an essential part of who we are; together with our common goals they create the warp and the woof of our brilliant community tapestry.

Thank you all for being part of the work we do here.

In gratitude,