Classroom Peek Week of 4/30-5/4

Take a look inside to see what lessons were happening in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Roomers explored our campus to seek out  insect life in the pond and the garden planters.
  • Kindergarten students played a baby photo match game for share day. Each student brought in a baby photo and everyone took turns guessing who each student was by studying their baby picture.
  • 1st Grade continued their Science lesson on seed growth by charting the changes and styling their grass heads that they began growing ahead of Open House in their TCS salon.
  • 3rd Grade embarked on a scavenger hunt to test their knowledge of proper possessive nouns during an interactive English lesson.
  • 5th Grade studied microscopes and used slides to calculate the total magnification of microbes during a Science lab.
  • 8th Graders measured and logged temperate changes in transferable energy using metal shots and long-stemmed thermometers during Science lab.
  • Friday 15 campus announcements, student birthdays, sports updates and more!