Classroom Peek Week of 4/16-4/20

Take a look at some of the exciting lessons in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Red roomers practiced their cooperative play skills in different centers. Some friends spent time building a forest together, while others built train tracks on the large rug.
  • Blue Room used paper mache, paper towel rolls, and paint to create a black smoke spewing hydrothermal vent during a Science lesson on Marine life. Students also painted pasta and macaroni shapes to combine into a big neon-colored coral reef.
  • Green Room learned about recycling while making projects out of clean trash that students collected at home.
  • Yellow Room continued their studies on Ancient Egypt by making their own pyramids. Students had to cut pictures from magazines to show what items they would take with them to the afterlife. They also created dioramas for the upcoming open house.
  • 5th Grade spent time creating a large scale collaborative art piece of the world for the upcoming open house, and students continued to work on their projects for the Science Fair.
  • Friday 15 sports updates, campus announcements, birthdays, and more!