Classroom Peek Week of 4/9-4/13

Take a look at some of the exciting lessons in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Roomers wrapped up a lesson on ants, aphids, and ladybugs by releasing Ladybugs into the school garden planters. Each student got a magnifying glass to inspect the ladybugs and their spots, or lack thereof, once released.
  • Green Roomers were hard at work craft paper dolls for the upcoming TCS Open House.
  • 2nd Grade got to adopt miniature stuffed puppies, and create a home, accessories, and a birth certificate for their new pet during Story's, "Friend of the Week" lesson.
  • 4th Grade spent time constructing diorama recreations of a Spanish Mission. Students have been working in groups to create each important facet of the Mission, then each group will combine their dioramas into a complete Mission replica.
  • 7th Grade enjoyed interactive presentations on Sumo wrestling, geishas, origami, and tea ceremonies during an ongoing lesson on Ancient Japan.
  • Friday 15 school announcements about our upcoming Diversity Fair, sports updates, birthdays, and more!