Classroom Peek Week of 3/19-3/23

Take a look at some of the exciting lessons in our vibrant classrooms this week!

  • Red Roomers worked on fine motor skills during a drawing activity in preparation for a top-secret Art piece for Open House!
  • The Blue Room was fascinated by a lesson on turtles this week as Flash the Turtle has awakened from hibernation! Students crafted turtle-themed art and spent time at the sensory water table learning about turtles' natural habitats.
  • The Green Room learned Math and money concepts during a farmers' market activity. Each student was given $5 to purchase fruit, and chose five different items at one dollar a piece.
  • The Yellow Room featured Gabriel Heimbold's dad in class for their "Friend of the Week" assignment, and collaborated on a giant bubble activity.
  • 2nd Grade enjoyed a Basketball workshop, special meal, and group painting activity courtesy of the their "Friend of the Week", Cleveland Brown and his dad!
  • In a lesson on Math coordinates and History, 4th Grade used scissors and glue to recreate the coordinates of the official Seal of California.
  • 6th Grade made paper mache replicas of ancient Egyptian masks to wrap up their ongoing Egypt project in History class. To celebrate all of the students' hard work, they enjoyed a themed lunch with food similar to what ancient Egyptians would have eaten.
  • Friday 15 celebrated birthdays, shared sports updates, campus announcements, and more. Have a safe and restful Spring Break!