Classroom Peek Week of 2/26-2/30

Take a look at the exciting lessons happening in TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Room did a fun water filtration experiment using murky water filled with sand, sifters, and cups. Each cup was filled three times using different sized sifters, and the murky, sand filled water was filtered of debris then students compared the original state of the water with the new filtered cups of water.
  • Kindergarten designed their own offline maze games in Tech class using their knowledge from solving maze challenges online. They needed to create a hero, a prize, and multiple traps along the way using colored pencils and paper. After finishing, they got to solve each other's mazes.
  • 3rd Grade practiced and reviewed Division facts and math concepts by playing an interactive game of Math Bingo.
  • 5th Grade put their lesson on the different Scientific properties in action with a fun tie dye project. Each student had to fold their shirt in a creative way to make a unique dye pattern, then they had to answer corresponding questions about each scientific property they encountered.
  • 6th Grade continued their immersive lesson on Ancient Egypt by building group 3d maps and diagrams based on their studies.