Classroom Peek Week of 3/12-3/16

Take a look at the vibrant lessons that were happening in TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:


  • Our Transition and Pre-K classes enjoyed a St. Patrick's Day theme this week, as the Red Room got in the kitchen to make their own green Play-Doh; the Green Room did a fun St. Patty's day coin hunt, and the Yellow roomers crafted leprechaun traps! 
  • The Blue Room had so much fun in the kitchen last week that they continued their lesson on cooking and kitchen safety by baking fresh sticky buns to share with the class.
  • The Green Room sang, "La Bamba" with James Behboudi's grandfather who was a special guest for the class's ongoing Friend Of The Week lesson.
  • Kindergarten reinforced their Math lesson on money and coin values by playing an interactive game of Money Bingo. Using a coin dice students had to match the value of the coin on the dice to the correct square on their bingo sheets.
  • 1st Grade finished their reading of Shel Silverstein's, The Giving Tree, by creating a class giving tree of their own. Each student summarized the reading into hanging figurines that will be mounted to the tree inside of their classroom. In addition, the class combined their Science lesson on plants and their Math lesson on symmetry into a fun project. Each student had to choose one half of a picture of a plant and draw a symmetrical half to match.
  • 2nd Grade had a visit from Enzo Barbieri's two gentle giant St. Bernard dogs for their ongoing, "Friend of the Week" lesson.
  • 4th Grade Art crafted animals from unconventional shapes for an upcoming off campus art show.
  • Middle School music class is brainstorming songs from the 1970s to perform for the upcoming Grandparents and Special Friends day.
  • Students take a stand against gun violence in schools on #NationalWalkoutDay and use their voice to promote change on the 1 month anniversary of the tragic school shooting in Florida.
  • Friday 15 sports updates, birthday celebrations, campus announcements, and more!