Classroom Peek Week of 2/12-2/16

Take a look at some of the exciting lessons in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:


  • Kindergarten and 5th Grade took a fun buddy field trip to Discovery Cube yesterday to enjoy the interactive Science exhibits.
  • First grade integrated math and science by completing a valentine candy project. They estimated what color candy was the most popular and how many heart candies were on a jar. Each student then got a small cup of the candies and sorted, counted, and graphed them.
  • 3rd Grade created corn husk dolls and created shopping lists for their upcoming field trip to the 99 cent store as part of their efforts to donate toiletries to the homeless.
  • 4th Grade have been studying former US Presidents and based on an information sheet students had to extract important facts about the presidents to create their own individual projects to be shared with the rest of the class.
  • Middle School viewed a short film centering around the issue of police brutality by alumni Leyah Barris, and in addition to the screening students were able to dig deeper into the director's process from pre-production to completion.