Classroom Peek Week of 1/22-1/26

Take a peek inside to see what vibrant lessons were happening in TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Room kicked off the week with a jungle safari hunt using miniature animal toys and DIY safari binoculars. Students had to study each animal to determine whether or not the animal was hurt, then they fixed them before returning them to the "wild". In Science, the kids created slime with paint, glitter, and jewels during a fun Jungle Slime party to learn about texture and combining elements to form a new product!
  • Students in 1st Grade are continuing their science unit on solids and liquids by hands-on explorations.  They have learned the properties of both solids and liquids and have determined how they are alike and different.
  • 2nd Grade reviewed the Scientific process and began a unit on balance and motion. Students tried to balance a paper crayfish on the tip of their fingers, then a counterweight was added to see if it made a difference.
  • 5th Grade completed crossword puzzles for an assignment about the Bill of Rights as they are studying the branches of Government.
  • TCS University has taken our campus by storm and our students spent time learning new hobbies and skills like sewing, cooking and crafting, boxing, zumba, and acting improv, slime, dance, art, DJ skills, and cartooning. Thank you to all of our parents and faculty for donating their time to making our first week of TCS University a great success!