Classroom Peek Week of 1/15-1/19

Take a look at the vibrant lessons happening inside TCS classrooms this week!

In this issue:

Take a look at some of the exciting lessons in our vibrant classrooms this week!

    • The Yellow Room learned the different phases of water while studying the properties of snow during an interactive science lesson. Students created their own glaciers out of recyclable materials, and also made their own lemon popsicles to study how long it takes for a liquid to become a solid.
    • The Red Room learned how to construct their own stories using drawn pictures and colorful rubber stamps.
    • In Tech class, 1st graders faced the challenge of designing and building Lego boats that could float on water. Through trial and error, students  strategically modified their boats to prevent sinking. By the end, all teams successfully completed the challenge and discovered that boats with a higher ratio of flat pieces could easily float by spreading the ship's weight over a larger area.
    • 2nd Grade Art class used paint and pastels to create their own expressionist self-portraits inspired by American Contemporary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
    • 4th Grade math learned how to use parentheses in multiple operations within an equation, then how to transfer this skill to word problems
    • TCS University has taken our campus by storm and our students spent time learning new hobbies and skills like sewing, cooking and crafting, boxing, zumba, and acting improv, slime, dance, art, DJ skills, and cartooning. Thank you to all of our parents and faculty for donating their time to making our first week of TCS University a great success!