Classroom Peek Week of 1/7-1/12

Take a look at the exciting lessons happening in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:   

  • Kindergarten read The Mitten by Jan Brett, and demonstrated their knowledge of ordinal numbers in a hand-on activity.
  • 2nd grade Art used mirrors to draw self-portraits in anticipation of an upcoming abstract portrait assignment.
  • 3rd grade has been highlighting key facts about Sioux Native Americans, solving multi-step multiplication word problems, and organizing C-train and G-train hard and soft sounds.
  • 8th grade science used their sense of smell to compare physical properties of two unidentified liquids, and upon collecting the appropriate qualitative data, students completed density calculations for each liquid.
  • Middle School students were challenged to a collegiate-level impromptu spelling bee during lunch on Friday by Science teacher, Mark Bell. Students chose a word from their dictionary for Mark to spell, and the student whose word was misspelled was awarded a dollar. Congrats to Lucas Alonso in 7th grade for stumping Teacher Mark with the word, "Xhosa"!
  • Friday 15 birthday celebrations, campus announcements, sports updates, and more!