Classroom Peek - Week of Sept. 7

This week at The Country School was all about getting to know one another, and exercising our individuality. 

  • In the art room, new art teacher Matt encouraged freedom of expression in the simplest form. Students were asked to draw a simple circle, but to design the inner portion using any color, pattern, or medium they liked.
  • 2nd graders introduced themselves to the class using a photo of something exciting they did this summer. 
  • 5th graders played a get to know you game on the sport court, allowing them to visually understand what they have in common with their classmates.
  • Life gave the Yellow Room lemons, and they made lemonade - literally.
  • Holly read several books to the Kindergarten during story time.
  • Finally, at Friday 15, the whole community gathered for announcements, a group song, and of course, the awarding of the ubiquitous birthday pencils!