Join us for a Sneak Peek of the Kindergarten!

Green and Yellow Room families are invited to join us for a special Kindergarten sneak peek on Wednesday Sept. 27 at 9:00am. We'll start the morning with a discussion entitled "Continuing the Journey at TCS - Learning About our Elementary Program." Followed by a Q&A, and tour of the kindergarten classroom to see the program in action.

Our Kindergarten Program is a natural progression from our Preschool, including:

  • Challenging Academics taught with a Progressive Approach including Project-Based and Hands On - Learning By Doing
  • Differentiated Instruction that addresses individual learning levels and styles
  • No Homework: Kindergarten - Mid 5th grade
  • Emotional Intelligence taught and integrated in day-to-day interactions and activities
  • Preparing students to be Problem-Solvers; Independent, Creative, and Critical Thinkers; and to Work Collaboratively with others.
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