Classroom Peek - Week of Sept. 11

There's always a truckload of interesting moments happening when you peek inside the classroom at TCS. Take a look at some of the things happening this week:

  • When asked "What are you working on" teacher Renee of the Blue Room answered "We don't know - it's emergent, so we're figuring out what they're interested in." Here you can see the Blue Roomers exploring all their options and developing their interests on the spot.
  • In the Green Room - the theme of the week was the desert, and monday's activity included all things snakes - painting paper snakes, building magnetic ones, learning about what a snake might eat, and more. 
  • Kindergarteners try their hand at meditation for the first time.
  • The 4th graders are "Finding their Awesome" creating collages of all the things that makes them super cool humans. "Everyone's awesome is different," says teacher Jane.
  • 2nd graders get a taste of athletic strategy as they play a rousing game of octopus tag
  • Middle Schoolers had the opportunity to choose elective courses this year, in order to tailor their curriculum to their strengths. Classes include, graphic design, newspaper, robotics, art, choir, and coding.