Classroom Peek Week of 12/4-12/8

Take a look inside the vibrant classrooms at TCS this week!

In this issue:  

  • 1st Grade Math increased their math vocabulary by adding the terms: greater than, less than, and equal to., as well their symbols:  >,<, and =.
  • Yellow and Green Rooms craft Christmas ornaments, holiday stockings, and Hanukkah dreidels while enjoying fresh potato latkes in celebration of the Holiday season.
  • 3rd Grade studied the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and warm/cold blooded animals using a compare and contrast chart.
  • Kindergarten and 5th Grade come together for their annual Cookie Challenge.
  • 1st Grade Art crafts vibrant ornaments for the upcoming Winter Sing performance backdrop.
  • 3rd Grade English finished reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and broke down the various story elements and themes during a special viewing of the original version "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
  • Middle School PE classes create their own group TV commercial presentations in a fun team building exercise.