Classroom Peek Week of 12/11-12/15

Take a look inside the vibrant classrooms at TCS this week!

  • Yellow and Green Rooms used hot cocoa and marshmallows as the basis for an interactive Math lesson. Students took turns rolling oversized dice twice, and by adding the two rolls together they were able to count out how many marshmallows to add to their cups.
  • Third Grade played Snowball Math snowball math. They broke up the into two teams and threw cotton snowballs at each other. If they got hit with a snowball then they have to go to the white board and solve a math equation.
  • First Grade focused on the digraph ‘sh’ (in both the beginning and end of words) and read the fable “Fox and His Big Wish”, in Language Arts, and demonstrated reading comprehension by writing and illustrating the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  • Fourth Grade met with their buddies to exchange handmade cards and share their vacation plans.
  • Kindergarten continued to read each day, with high frequency words and word families. This week we read to our partners, built words with letter legos, and added to our gingerbread wall with some fun high frequency word candy canes!