Classroom Peek Week of 11/6-11/9

Take a look inside the exciting lessons happening in our vibrant classrooms this week.

In this issue:

  • The Blue Roomers conducted science experiments with cranberries to see if they sink or float. They combined baking soda and vinegar added blueberries and recorded the fizzy results!
  • Third Grade made their vocabulary words come alive, by identifying a synonym, crafting a sentence with it, and acting out the sentence in a skit! In Social Studies, they began honing their research skills by highlighting key words, and isolating important information.
  • Middle School English visited the Art Studio to create custom-designed papier mache planets.
  • In Technology, 2nd graders presented the video games they programmed using Scratch Jr. The projects included a start screen, 2 levels , a character, and a "you win" screen. The students played each others' games which inspired even more complex games.
  • Middle School History students worked together to build shelter, collect water, and gather food in order to understand survival in early civilization and best uses of resources.
  • Eighth Grade continued their scarf knitting projects for Service Learning.