Classroom Peek Week of 5/14-5/18

Take a look at what vibrant lessons were happening inside TCS classrooms this week!

 In this issue:

  • Pre-Schoolers enjoyed a full week of fun activity stations and events in celebration of Week of the Young Child. Click here for a special Pre-School photo gallery!

  • Kindergarten used letter blocks and short story books as tools to practice and perfect their knowledge of long vowel words.
  • 1st Grade students wrote and illustrated original scenes based on a quote from classic storybook, Where The Wild Things Are, then took turns presenting their works to the rest of the class.
  • 3rd Graders crafted colorful floral pieces to be used as backdrops for the upcoming Spring Show in Art class.
  • 6th Grade tested different liquids, such as alcohol and mineral water, to test how well they dissolve the same salt solid during a Science lab.
  • Friday (Wednesday) 15 featured a Dance-A-Thon announcement, Sports Updates, 8th Grade Ice Cream Sale, Birthday celebration, and more!

Classroom Peek Week of 5/7-5/11

Take a peek inside to see what lessons were happening inside of our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Roomers began a lesson on dinosaurs by creating their own mud mounds with bones made of paper mache and q-tips. Students visited the Science Lab to study different fossil specimens with Science Teacher Mark Bell.
  • Kindergarten and 4th Grade Art classes learned about the Pop Art of living artist Romero Britto and drew their own versions of his work using black sharpie markers.
  • First Graders were introduced to the classic Little Miss children's book series by Roger Hargreaves, and each student drew the character with personality traits most like their own. Students also crafted makeshift beds out of found materials for Goldilocks during a storybook lesson.
  • Second Grade used paper clips of different sizes to measure nonstandard units during a Math lesson.
  • 5th Grade played interactive games on the SmartBoard to reinforce their math skills.

TCS Learns Tapping for Stress Reduction

On Friday afternoon our students had the opportunity to participate in a technique called  Tapping. The technique is being used in schools around the country to provide new ways for students to relieve stress. We are so grateful to provide these types of programs to our student community, and we hope that this technique can help our staff and parents, as well.

Classroom Peek Week of 4/30-5/4

Take a look inside to see what lessons were happening in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Blue Roomers explored our campus to seek out  insect life in the pond and the garden planters.
  • Kindergarten students played a baby photo match game for share day. Each student brought in a baby photo and everyone took turns guessing who each student was by studying their baby picture.
  • 1st Grade continued their Science lesson on seed growth by charting the changes and styling their grass heads that they began growing ahead of Open House in their TCS salon.
  • 3rd Grade embarked on a scavenger hunt to test their knowledge of proper possessive nouns during an interactive English lesson.
  • 5th Grade studied microscopes and used slides to calculate the total magnification of microbes during a Science lab.
  • 8th Graders measured and logged temperate changes in transferable energy using metal shots and long-stemmed thermometers during Science lab.
  • Friday 15 campus announcements, student birthdays, sports updates and more!

Classroom Peek Week of 4/16-4/20

Take a look at some of the exciting lessons in our vibrant classrooms this week!

In this issue:

  • Red roomers practiced their cooperative play skills in different centers. Some friends spent time building a forest together, while others built train tracks on the large rug.
  • Blue Room used paper mache, paper towel rolls, and paint to create a black smoke spewing hydrothermal vent during a Science lesson on Marine life. Students also painted pasta and macaroni shapes to combine into a big neon-colored coral reef.
  • Green Room learned about recycling while making projects out of clean trash that students collected at home.
  • Yellow Room continued their studies on Ancient Egypt by making their own pyramids. Students had to cut pictures from magazines to show what items they would take with them to the afterlife. They also created dioramas for the upcoming open house.
  • 5th Grade spent time creating a large scale collaborative art piece of the world for the upcoming open house, and students continued to work on their projects for the Science Fair.
  • Friday 15 sports updates, campus announcements, birthdays, and more!

TCS Loves Math Day!

Math Day is a favorite here at TCS, and today our student community came together to celebrate the different levels of Math throughout the day with rotating group activities, games, and lessons all planned by our Upper School students.

TCS Celebrates Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

Each year, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with guest readers and birthday cake! This year, we also had Yanti teach a lesson mindfulness and self-compassion to the Middle Schoolers!

TCS Celebrates 100 Days of School!

The 100th day of school is an awesome day here at TCS for creative activities. Classes crafted their own head bands, donuts with special toppings, trail mix, and even t-shirts to celebrate 100 days of the school year.

Middle School Celebrates Valentine's Day

Our Middle School students celebrated St. Valentine's Day with a wizard themed dance this past week at the North Hollywood recreation center. Thanks to all of the parents and staff who assisted in making the dance such a fun event, and a big thank you to DJ Gil Zuniga for providing the sounds. Photos courtesy of Mark Bell.

Special Performance at Friday 15

At this week's Friday 15, we were treated to an amazing performance of XXX by some of our Some of our Middle School girls shared their acapella version of Bring Me Little Water, Silvy at this week's Friday 15, to great acclaim!