PSO Committee Descriptions


Hot Lunch

COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Rita Silva & Dani Baker

Parent volunteers sort and deliver Fresh Lunches’ hot lunch to the classrooms on a scheduled rotation. Time Commitment: it’s up to you – volunteer for as many or few days as you like. It’s a 1 hr shift



COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Kristin Porter & Diana Gerber

For this year-round commitment, we need volunteers to help with staffing the library during school hours, read books to the children and be part of a team.  Catalog maintenance. Shelf maintenance. Book collections. Processing donations. Time Commitment: Meets 2 times per year plus a rotating schedule that can include as many or as few times as you like


Room Parents

COMMITTEE CHAIR: Suzette Belouin-Sullivan

Room parents are the liaisons between the school, teachers and parents in a given class.  They are asked to attend the monthly PSO meetings so that they can share this information with the class.  Room parents are also responsible for reading and following the Room Parent Handbook, coordinating volunteers for Library time, as well as coordinating Valentine’s Day cards for teacher/staff valentines. Ideally there are 2 room parents for each class. Time commitment: 1 PSO meeting/month and as needed throughout the year


Party Book


Party Book events are a great way to strengthen community ties, while raising money for TCS. Volunteers of this year-long committee may help create marketing ideas for existing parties and help families get signed up, who want to host a fun event. Time commitment: 1-2 meetings per year


Campus Beautification

COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Rita Silva & Dani Baker

Volunteers on the committee help our classes maintain the garden boxes, organize campus clean up days, and plan the school-wide celebration of Earth Day. Time Commitment: 1-2 meetings per year, and as needed throughout the year.


TCS Gear

Parent volunteers, along with student council members, sell TCS gear at special school events. Time commitment: as needed throughout the year



COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Yanti Palleschi & Tanayi Seabrook

Once a month, throughout the entire school year, the Diversity Committee decorates the bulletin board outside Kindergarten. This board helps educate our students about the different cultures that make up our world and represents how we come together as a community. This committee also organizes and hosts our Diversity Fair in the spring. Time committement: Meets 1-2 times per year plus one annual event




Two weeks before Halloween, volunteers decorate the school.  The chair and designated volunteers will also recruit parents to participate in Trunk or Treat. Treat and coordinate with the Room Parent Committee Chair to organize the game booths for carnival.  Time Commitment: 1 meeting per year plus 1 annual event


TCS University


This event gives TCS students the opportunity to attend a three-day workshop hosted by our talented and passionate parent volunteers. The workshops are 50 minutes and are held on three consecutive Fridays. Topics can be an area of professional or personal interest and include anything from automotive engineering to interpretive dance.


Book Fair

COMMITTEE CHAIR: Erin Wehrenberg

Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair - (Feb. 23-27). We need volunteers to help set up campus bookstore, assist with student purchases and sales, and work during the event when needed. Volunteers will also be needed to coordinate Night of 1000 Stars (Feb. 24) and Dr. Seuss' Birthday (Feb. 27).


Country Fair


The country fair is a perfect way to bring the community together and celebrate the end of the school year.  This committee operates in subcommittees and offers opportunities for volunteers to give their time getting donations, organizing the thrift store or setting up and breaking down on the day.  This event is not only for our TCS community, but for the entire neighborhood. Time commitment: 1-2 meetings per year plus (or more depending on your level of involvement)


Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day


Coordinate with Executive Board President and officers for special events to recognize the hard work of our teachers (Week of May 4th.)


Grandparents'/Special Friends' Day

COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Lilly Pino, Mindy Pfeifer & Rita Silva

This special day allows TCS students to share their school day activities with their grandparents, relatives or special friends.  Guests will enjoy a delicious breakfast and speaker, as well as a tour of the school.  Volunteers are needed for event preparation and helping direct our special guests throughout the day. Time commitment: 1 meeting plus the day of the event




The gala is TCS’ biggest fundraiser of the year.  Committee co-chairs are responsible for the vision and theme of the gala.  They also offer guidance and supervision to the subcommittees tasked with making the event happen.


1. Visuals/AV  -- Responsible for the aesthetic theming of the event, including signage, video elements, music and table centerpieces.

2. “Get Squad” – subdivided into four subcommittees.

Classroom Project – will coordinate with room parents and classroom teachers to plan a class art project that will be sold at the Gala. This committee is responsible for ensuring planning happens in a timely manner, troubleshooting any potential problems, and getting projects turned in on time.

Classroom Baskets – will coordinate basket themes to room parents and will follow up with room parents to ensure class parents contribute to the basket in a timely manner and that the basket is turned in on schedule. This committee is not responsible for the visual presentation of the basket; the Auction Prep Committee will handle that.

Silent Auction Donations – will act as “cheerleaders” for parent community, encouraging donations with a total value of $200 from each family. This committee will use its knowledge of parents’ connections to encourage specific donations. This is a face-to-face rallying committee.

Live Auction Donations – will actively pursue “priceless” items for the live auction. This committee will seek out “once in a lifetime” experiences that will sell for a minimum of $1000 apiece.

3. Auction Prep – responsible for entering items into database and finishing the visual presentation of silent auction items 

4. Ticket Sales – will actively encourage parent body to purchase Gala tickets

5. Get, Don’t Buy – will seek out donations for wine, linens, chairs, wrapping supplies and other items we would otherwise have to purchase.

6. Logistics/Set Up/Tear Down – responsible for loading in the auction and preparing the banquet room, as well as clean up at the end of the event