Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at the Country School plays an important part in the development and growth of our students.  We place an emphasis on developing skills, as well as team cooperation and sportsmanship.  Our program encourages students to value fitness and movement, respect their classmates and increase self-confidence. They are expected to play hard and play fair.

A variety of learning modalities is incorporated into the program to address different learning styles.  Grouping by skill level is one way that we accommodate all learners. Emphasizing the positive and focusing on individual improvements when evaluating each student’s growth is paramount to success and building confidence.

From kindergarten through second grade, the focus is primarily on basic skills such as balance and coordination, locomotor skills and active games. We place more value on developing space awareness and fitness than on competition at this level of development.

In the upper elementary grades, we incorporate an increased level of competition by adding the element of team play through sports. This allows the students to become more aware of the sportsmanship necessary to being a member of a team. We stress rules and structure at this level of development in order to increase the students’ ability to focus on the task at hand.

The Middle School physical education program is centered in building the students’ fitness level.  The students are introduced to distance running, each month being timed on the mile run.  In between running days, the students work on different sports to increase their knowledge of rules and skills for various disciplines.

The 3rd through 5th graders are also offered a weekly modern dance elective. This provides an opportunity for students to develop their bodies through movement and expression.  In the class, not only do they learn choreographed routines, but they also have the opportunity to create their own routines based on emotions and personal experiences.