Middle School Math

The Country School has implemented the Holt Math program for the middle school. Our mathematics program for sixth grade, pre-algebra for seventh grade and algebra 1 for eighth grade provide the instruction and resources students need to succeed.

A key strength to the program is extensive differentiation. Our balanced mathematics curriculum acknowledges that every student is unique with individual strengths and areas for improvement. The Country School curriculum emphasizes conceptual understanding of computational and procedural skills. Teaching of problem solving and reasoning is comprehensively differentiated to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed. Tailored strategies reach students of all learning styles and skill levels.

Through careful diagnosis of prerequisite skills, the teacher is able to create a program for the class which addresses each student’s ability level.  Student weaknesses and strengths can then be addressed with direct instruction, conceptual models and scaffolding practice, as well as enrichment with critical-thinking activities. Mathematical concepts are related to real-life situations. Problem solving plays a pivotal role in mathematics learning and is an integral part of our program.  This strengthens and stretches students’ thinking and builds confidence in their abilities to solve challenging problems. Students are given ample practice exercising the use of problem-solving skills and acquired strategies. Our program also exposes students to interdisciplinary links with other middle school subjects.

Students receive informal and formal assessment at every stage within each unit of study. Intervention resources allow students to review before they take a test and students are prepared for and exposed to standards-based test preparation embedded into daily lessons. Section quizzes, leveled chapter assessments and leveled cumulative tests assess understanding. Performance assessments are differentiated to accommodate students’ learning levels and styles.