Middle School Language Arts

The middle school language arts program includes core studies in writing, reading, listening, speaking and vocabulary development. We choose reading selections to coordinate with our social studies and history programs so that they are meaningful beyond the language arts classroom. The English program incorporates project based learning with individual reading and writing assignments.

The pedagogy employed in the middle school includes, but is not limited to, teacher and student-created lessons and assessments; individual, small and whole class cooperative learning groups; directed instruction, lecturing and open learning opportunities. Significantly, the English program draws upon key attributes of explaining, demonstrating and collaborating.

The writing program includes experiences in narrative, expository, persuasive and descriptive forms. There is also weekly instruction in writing mechanics.  Additionally, students learn and practice writing skills using an online program which provides immediate feedback on six dimensions of writing.  Students are then given practice opportunities and information for improvement before re-writing to increase their scores.  This program is used in the classroom and at home.

The middle school reading program includes experiences in novel studies, anthologies, poetry, read-alouds, classic and contemporary literature, magazines, newspapers and online literature.

Instruction in the middle school is a continuation of the philosophy in our elementary classrooms, where the identification of individual learning styles and experiences with the understanding that each child is unique is the cornerstone of a TCS education.